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Eliminating the need for expensive servers, hardware repairs and upgrades, or difficult networking issues mean more time for you to focus on your business Consistent backups of your critical applications and data, combined with application monitoring and enterprise data center security ensure peace of mind      Moving your applications to the cloud means you, your staff and your clients can all collaborate effectively at any time from any location.


About Our Services

LogiShare provides a wide range of technology consulting and hosting services to enable your business

Application Hosting

By moving your existing applications to the cloud, LogiShare can enable your entire team to work anywhere, anytime.  

You'll save time and money by not purchasing or maintaining on-premise server equipment.

LogiShare will ensure your data is securely encrypted and backed up to protect you in the event of a disaster.

Web/Email Hosting

Whether you have a simple one-page website, or a complex content management system with back-end applications and databases, LogiShare is able to host your web applications for constant 24/7 availability.

We can also provide desktop, mobile or web based email and calendaring services for one user or large workgroups


Document Management

LogiShare's document management service allows you to quickly and easily acquire, organize and share documents across your organization. Eliminate paper and storage expenses.

Scan from desktop, faxing, file uploads and secure email  always included at no additional charge.  All of your documents accessible anywhere, anytime.

App Development

From basic web sites, to complex business applications, LogiShare can deliver custom applications that make your business more visible and more productive.

All applications are designed to your exact specifications with end user experience in mind.

Mobile, web and desktop application development for all projects, large and small

About LogiShare


In 2002 our company began building a suite of cloud tools to enable small businesses to leverage Internet-based virtual work spaces to level the playing field with their largest competitors. These tools provide technology tools and management at an affordable price so business owners can focus on delivering their core products and services to their customers.

Today, we focus on helping others implement these tools for success in their own organization. Because LogiShare is privately owned and has no debt or outside investors, we are accountable only to our clients. We believe:

technology & innovation are the foundations of success

all businesses deserve to compete on a level playing field

real solutions are designed by users, not software developers